Phoebe Harkness returns this Autumn

Hola Helsings.

Book three of my Urban Gothic dystopian series is coming, and although i’ve already released a short teaser trailer over on Twitter and Instagram, here is a full length booktrailer for you to whet your appitite:


and of course a short teaser extract:

‘I don’t know what was the most confusing part about finding an uninvited and extremely naked vampire tied to my bed, retaining modesty only by a crumpled corner of artfully draped silk sheets. The naked vampire himself, pale as purest chalk in the moonlight; the fact that he was handcuffed, something I’m sure I would have remembered doing; or the silk sheets themselves. I mean, I certainly didn’t own any silk bedding. My life wasn’t a Jackie Collins novel. This could only imply he had brought them with him, which filled me in equal measure with anger at his arrogance and a grudging admiration at his dedication to scene-setting. I entered the room slowly, reaching for the taser in my bag as casually as I could manage. I forced a smile, as though vampires broke into my apartment and lashed themselves to my bed all the time…no biggie.
‘Hello again, Dove,’ I kept my voice light. ‘Most people go for coffee first you know, traditionally. Before surprise bondage.’
Dove stared up at me playfully, head tilted on his shoulder, his pale eyes catching the moonlight like chips of mica beneath his cherubic flop of yellow hair.
‘Things have gone…south…at Sanctum,’ he said, looking more amused than concerned. ‘This…is probably going to take some explaining’.
. – Pale Children: book three of the Phoebe Harkness series.


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