Drowned Tomb Book Release

I’m so terribly slow at blogging, but in my defense, I’ve been writing, so it’s all apples and oranges, right?


Happy to announce that Book Two of the Changeling Series, and the sequel to my Amazon Bestseller Isle of Winds is now officially released!


The Kindle version is not officially released until the end of August 2016 (so not very long anyway) – as it’s currently on a pre-order promotional deal for 99p /99c

(which is the same as a chocolate bar of your choice and maybe three or four tic-tacs, so bargain!)

But the Hardcopy paperback is available to buy as of NOW, directly from Amazon.com /.uk /.Aus /Ca etc.

I’m really excited for those of you who will be reading it. It’s always a strange feeling when your book is finally out there in the wide world, no longer under your control. I hope those of you who have been waiting to return to Erlking have a good time.

Just wrap up warm.


Also, here is as good a place as any to mention, if you haven’t yet picked up the first volume in this fantasy series, it is currently available as part of Amazon’s prestigious Summer Sale for the steal price of 99p (Kindle version -UK only)

Happy reading, and I’ll see you in the Netherworlde.