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Chains of Gaia news

Hi all.

Just a quick one this time around, to let you know that Chains of Gaia recieved it’s first ever review by awesome and rather hilarious New York Book Blogger Chandra Claypool of ‘’


*blogger not shown to scale. actual Chandra may vary in size due to heels



It’s a fine line to tread as a writer, obsessing over reviews. I used to do it a LOT more, but when I noticed bald spots appearing and uncontrollable hand-shaking and mumbling (more so than usual I mean) I decided to try not to stress about them too much anymore.


That being said, while, like any writer, I’m always grateful for anyone taking two minutes out of their day to review one of mine they’ve read, there’s always a certain level of trepedation about the FIRST review for a new book. (especially one that isn’t out until 12th June). So it was with great relief and weary-flopping-down-into-a-chairness that Chains’ review cherry was popped as follows. (off for a stiff brandy now)

calm yourself

PS: If you havent already read on her blog, (and if you’re not following her, why not??) I also managed to answer roughly a million and seven questions in an author Q and A. the link is at the bottom of this blog post. hop on over and say hi to the oft-mispronounced ‘Merican. She’s charming and witty, (though has no internal GPS as we discovered in a recent tour of my home city). x

Chains of Gaia. My Review:
chains of gaia five star review

Chains of Gaia: photo-credit @wherethereadergrows

Where do I even begin?!  How do I review this without spoiling anything for you future readers? 

Ever have that feeling of going back to some place familiar and comfortable – like being tucked into your childhood bed? Well here I am, back in Erkling, with Henry, Hestia, Woad, Aunt Irene, Inky… I’m HOME.. and ready for another adventure to the Netherworlde.    

This time they must retrieve the Shard of Earth and in the process have to deal with centaurs, a minotaur, dryads and new parts of the Netherworlde (just to name a few). New characters are introduced – Ffoulkes has to be the most annoying and narcissistic character I’ve seen in a while (but damn I love him) – and surprises are peeking around every corner.  Once again, we see the author’s sense of humor come into play with various references freckled throughout the book and through the friendships and relationships between the characters.  Woad’s always been one of everyone’s favorites and his simplistic, yet wise, view of the world is always refreshing (as is Inky’s loyalty to him).  I’ve always liked Aunt Irene but she vaulted up my list for a variety of reasons.  We see Robin still struggling with his role as the Scion and controlling his power, yet maturing and becoming more confident by the minute.  I always find it fun and endearing to watch characters grow book by book in a series and the author does this without fail.

Fahy brings adventure, humor, emotion and action which keeps the pages turning.  I literally kept swiping left hoping more pages would appear at the end, but sadly they did not.  Swipe, swipe, swipe…nothing. I suppose I will have to just wait for the next installment… until then I’ll live my life by picking things up one at a time, socks and underpants.  And hey, you guys, as you get to reading this book, send me a hex message so we can discuss.

Thanks for such an epic first review 🙂

You can read our chat, and lots of other interesting things concerning books, food, and life in general from Chandra, at the below link. Go check her out, you won’t be dissapointed. (click me!)

james fahy author interview

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