Chains of Gaia : Changeling Book Three is available to Pre-Order!


the rule of three is a good rule…

Welcome back to the Netherworlde, Erlkingers!


thumbnail_chains of gaia snip 3

Hello all. I’m extremely happy to announce that book three of my fantasy Changeling Series : Chains of Gaia, is NOW available for Pre-order on Amazon. (and at a special pre-order price too. fab!)

Cover Reveal for you here, as this book is loosely tied to a further elemental tower of magic:  Robin has mastered Winds and waters, sky and snow, but now the burdens and responsibilities of being the Scion of the Arcania come home to roost. A primal force has awoken in the Netherworlde, and its people turn to Robin to save them. It’s time to go and play in the deep, dark woods. Time to tame the tower of Earth, or be buried beneath it…

Easier said than done, when freinds act like enemies, and enemies like freinds. War looms in the Netherworlde, and Robin must figure out where he stands, in order to make a stand.
Nobody said being a teenager would be simple.




studies show pre-ordering books actually makes it sunnier in your locale

So grab your mana-stone, pack your haunted knife and bring your prophetic dreams along. Erlking is waiting for you.

(I’ve also put here the finalised full-length book-trailer (a different version is on my other social media sites)


Chains of Gaia Booktrailer (click me!)


click here to pre-order / buy the book



this man pre-ordered, and it made him both taller and healthier. nine out of ten people who enjoy pointing agree


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